Jazz workshops for string players

Workshops in jazz improvisation for string players. Improvisation is often the part in Classical music education that is missing, but ability to improvise as little as a little tune/melody improves a musician’s understanding of music. A welcome addition to the perfomer’s skills, it helps with freedom of expression, with getting rid of stress and stage fright, improves playing techniques, sound and most of all it motivates to play and practice.
Petra, through her jazz education as a performer and arranger and studies of Ethno and traditional styles uses simple tricks to free up a musician’s expression and performing skills, and is useful to musicians of any level.
She offers workshops for schools, students, established musicians and teachers as well as one-on-one private lessons.

Workshops for schools

  • primary music school level (string players with ability to play in first position)
  • learning by ear – simple traditional tunes/simple jazz standards
  • developing skills in playing together, listening to each other, relaxing your playing position, feeling the groove, rhythmic patterns
  • introduction to improvisation (free, on one scale, blues, feeling the groove)
  • accompaniment patterns
  • learning how to use improvisation with playing/relaxing excercises / playing together with other musicians / developing creativity
  • the aim is to motivate young musicians to be creative with their music, expression, listen to each other, find joy in making music in playing together and solo practice

Workshops for students, classical musicians and educators

  • Conservatory/academy level for string players (violin, viola, cello, double bass)
  • freeing up musical expression, play what you hear and what you feelfree up your musical expression, play what you hear and what you feel
  • use technical skills to be creative, express oneself, attain more freedom by using technique
  • erasing boundaries between classical, jazz and etno music, between composed and improvised music
  • creativity and improvisation helps brain performance, memory, helps to get rid of stress and stage fright
  • improvising is an additional skill for the accomplished musician
  • learn basic jazz improvisation (scales, chords, blues, grooves, lick, accompaniment patterns, bow techniques, chopping, chord progressions,…)
  • The aim is to add another skill to already technically accomplished musicians, help them to feel free on their instrument, motivate them to play music and practice, listen to each other, help their expression and feel the music from different aspects

Workshops for jazz string players

  • advanced jazz improvisation
  • learn new patterns and jazz licks, how to think on violin, how to approach the sound and the groove, chord patterns, rhythmic precision, feeling the rhythm,…
  • the ways to learn and internalise something new
  • how to play with others and listen to each other
  • compose simple melodies, make practicing creative
  • how to get gigs
  • how to become your own teacher
  • use of effects, loop station and how to amplify your instrument

Workshops can be:

  • a 4-hours introduction workshop
  • 1 day
  • 2 days with performance presentation at the end

Or contact me for private lessons – available personally in Vienna and Ljubljana or via Zoom.

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