Petra Onderuf Quartet

Slovakian Jazz violinist and composer Petra Onderuf is emerging as a bright new artist, connecting musical traditions in unusual ways, stretching the usual jazz paradigms to include rhythmic and melodic ideas from the multiple strands of World Music that she has exposed herself to. Rooted in Jazz harmonies and improvisation, building on her eclectic use of the violin –itself bridging the gap between Classical and Jazz– her compositions surprise and enchant the listener, taking them soaring through textures or dancing in their seats to the earthy rhythms and melodies.

Petra mostly plays in Slovenia and Austria; as a founding member of international band Wild Strings Trio she has toured around Europe and Asia and participates in as many projects as she can get her hands on, as well as writing for her ensemble and big bands.

Petra Onderuf – violin
Rok Zalokar – piano
Luka Dobnikar – double bass
Aleš Zorec – drums


+386 40 989 427

Vienna, Ljubljana